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Double Aortic Arch

An anomaly of the aortic arch in which two aortic arches form a complete vascular ring.


This library of the 3D heart models was created with enthusiasm and fascination by the human heart.
The understanding of cardiac defects is based on detailed knowledge of the morphology, mutual anatomical relationships of cardiac structures and comprehension of the unique pathopsysiology.

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    Learn about different heart defects with the precise three-dimensional visualisation. Explore the models from every possible angle.

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    Need a booster material for studying or teaching? Sit by the books looking at a real heart model in your own hands and study them in detail.

  • Understand the complexity

    Connecting memorized knowledge with the true structure of the heart abnormality gives you an advantage compared to books or pictures.

  • Have an interesting case?

    This 3D heart library is still in a progress, you can contribute with your DICOM or .stl file :) Contact me to find out more.

3D modeling & 3D printing

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